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After visiting the gallery, please share your reflections

This digital guest book will be shared with photovoice participants and posted on this website.

Thank you for sharing!

"Being able to see the struggles women farmers face, especially as urban growers, makes me believe that hope and perseverance fill the soil in Pittsburgh!"
"The photos + accompanying text offer so many windows on the experiences of female farmers in Pittsburgh. They have changed what I look at, what I look for and how I see urban gardening and farming. Thank you!"
- Clare Hinrichs || State College, PA
"Your captions are poetry!"
- Megan Griffin || State College, PA
"This was an amazing turn out. It was lovely to see how even in different spaces all over the city we are still very closely connected."
- Raynise Kelly
"Beautiful exhibit! I love the portrayal of the actual work being done, from dumped TVs to vibrant youth to gorgeous, healthy, happy plants!"
- Rachel deVitry
"Your photos and stories are so wonderful, beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for showing us your work creating beauty + foods everyone can enjoy. ♡♡♡"
"This photovoice exhibit is so powerful. It is so beautiful to see gardens, farms, faces, flowers through the lens of women all over Pittsburgh. The work women are doing is important. This project gives value to different voices and perspectives. Thank you for sharing your words!"
"Magnificent, beautiful, important, feminine rising energy. Thank you for this. Mother Earth thanks you too!"
"I love that women are highlighted in this exhibit (and that women chose to highlight their communities). It means a lot to see ladies' work & labor of love on display, especially in a traditionally male-dominated space of agriculture."
"This is so wonderful! I love all your unique angles on things - from plant close ups to self portraits to reflections on being in community (plant & human)! Much love ♡"
"LOVE IT ♡" - Ebony Evans
"Many people are so far removed from farming + agriculture. It's great to see more urban farms/gardens!"
"Took a picture of the Homewood garden to share with a childhood friend that still lives there"
"Wonderful self-curated displays on the importance & love that goes into gardening"
"Beautiful visual narratives. Thank you!"
"Each of these photovoices are so unique + personal! This is a powerful & peaceful display.
Thank you!
- Lelayna Yarnall || Berks Co, PA
"I am so glad to see your gardens from your eyes! Thank you for your work!"
"These are so lovely. Thank you for sharing it - not only with us, but with your communities. I hope you keep sharing it ♡"
- Sarah W || Lewisburg, PA
"The photography is beautiful! Keep sharing your work!"
"Beautiful! Thank you!"
"Lovely + inspiring! Thanks!"
"Our vision and accomplishment was truly a pleasure to share with others, may our pictures enhance positive and productive community wonders for future farmers. Thank you so much for your hospitality."
- Ms Mischelle D.McMillan
"Loved this!"
"This program is such an effective way for people to connect to their natural environments. Bravo!"
"Phenomenal. I know many wome in this project!"
"I'm moving to Pittsburgh for college soon and am so inspired to see a local/communal food movement growing in and around Pittsburgh communities. Thank you!"

The Female Farmer Photovoice Project

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